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  • Energy management company Schneider Electric introduced StruxureWare Operations 7.0, an enterprise data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) software platform.
  • StruxureWare Operations 7.0, an integral part of Schneider Electric’s StruxureWare for Data Centers Suite, replaces Schneider Electric’s InfraStruxureTM Operations version 6.2.
  • The StruxureWare for Data Centers Suite is a combination of Schneider Electric’s Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and Data Center Facility Management (DCFM) software tools.
  • The complete suite provides data gathering, monitoring, automation, and planning and implementation functionalities to enable an integrated and multifaceted view of all the mission critical physical systems of the data centre, says the company in a release.
  • The StruxureWare Operations 7.0 platform allows c-level executives, data centre managers and facility managers to have complete visibility and control over data center operations, adds the release.
  • This enterprise software can be deployed on both physical and virtual servers, can ‘drill down’ into any data centre location globally, comes with a 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) airflow view functionality, and smart phone support, as well.

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Data Center Knowledge recently conducted its 2011 survey of enterprise class data center operators and found that data center design is still the top area of interest. The survey has be conducted in each of the last four years, and in 2010 data center design moved to the top of the list and remains a key topic of interest for 2011.

Having the proper design infrastructure eases the challenges associated with operations and scalability. Data center operators are charged with simultaneously saving money and making their facilities more sustainable to comply with corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies. Design is the key tool that can incorporate both objectives and deliver results.

Power and cooling has moved up the list from number three to the second position on the list. Power is often the number one cost to operate the data center so it’s no surprise this is an area of strong interest. Cooling projects are often the easiest way for data center operators to realize short-term savings in optimizing their data centers, so decision makers are keenly focused on identifying the best cooling solutions.

Likewise, Green IT (74%) ties in with power and cooling as part of the larger focus on energy efficiency as a cost management strategy. Strategies such as cold aisle containment, and free cooling (economization) are all part of a holistic infrastructure approach to optimize data center performance and operational cost.

The newest and fastest rising area of interest at 70% is Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). This technology helps integrate the management of facilities and IT ensuring the optimal use of the overall facility. DCIM plays an even more strategic role for operators with multiple data centers that leverage cloud technologies and real time energy pricing.

  • Data center IT and facilities’ managers need to constantly optimize operations to ensure proper energy use. FieldView 4.0 offers these managers an advanced power measurement tool and streamlined analytical reports to improve and control data center energy usage — while validating cost savings across globally distributed environments.


  • Amplified data levels demand more servers, more storage, more equipment and higher energy consumption. FieldView 4.0 offers a holistic view into the entire data center environment so IT and facilities managers can efficiently conduct operations while better managing complex metrics to validate overall data center performance,” says Fred Dirla, CEO, FieldView Solutions.


  • FieldView Solutions continues to be at the leading edge of DCIM technology and used by three of the world’s largest banks and nine of the Fortune 250 enterprise organizations. Data Center professionals are invited to register for the 7×24 Exchange Delaware Valley Chapter Meeting to learn more about FieldView 4.0’s enhanced DCIM software solution

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