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  • Most industry predictions give a rosy picture for the cloud growth, and placing the highest value on the SaaS (Software as a Service) market.
  • Independent research firm studies expect the global cloud computing market to reach $241 billion in 2020 compared to $40.7 in 2010. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offers more growth opportunity than any other segment in the still largely vague market for cloud computing services. SaaS will retain its position as a leading segment in cloud computing with SaaS market growing threefold to $92.8 billion by 2016.
  • While these numbers may vary due to external factors, SaaS will be an obvious high probability adoption area within the Cloud mainly due to the following reasons:
  • If a business ultimately wanted to concentrate on their core areas and not on IT, SaaS is the only final destination but other service models will still facilitate that journey.
  • With the appropriate level of support from cloud SaaS providers, SaaS gives the highest level of interoperability for the enterprises and avoids vendor lock-in
  • The time-to-market for the enterprises is highly enabled by SaaS
  • We can even mention more points about why SaaS is important, but as it is an already accepted point, there’s not much need to emphasize it. Rather in these series of articles we wanted to analyze various enterprise business process needs and how SaaS at this time is satisfying them. This will provide enterprises with a clear path toward adopting SaaS with an open mind.


SaaS & Chemical Inventory management

  • Chemical Inventory Management & MSDS
  • All the manufacturing organizations needed to track and document the chemicals and hazardous substances that are used in their plants
  • It is a mandatory legal requirement
  • It also reduces the accidents and make the work place safer
  • These systems need to handle, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and chemical related data as well as Safe Use Instructions, Inventory, Regulations, etc.
  • These system have very strict state, federal, EU and Global compliance needs for example
  • They should Support REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) Regulations for European Union and United Nation’s Globally Harmonized Standard (GHS) for MSDSs and Chemical Labeling.
  • As most enterprises have plants across the globe, these systems typically have to be multi lingual with search terms localized
  • Requires integration with multiple suppliers
  • Reporting in the agreed formats for compliance needs

Why SaaS Model Suits Chemical Inventory Management

  • As the aim of this series of articles is to promote SaaS adoption for enterprises, here are some of the thought process why as to why this business process suits a SaaS Service Model :
  • While every organization wanted to ensure the safety of their plants and employees using the chemicals, this business process is not part of their core manufacturing life cycle, and hence organizations would like to reduce the capital and operational expenditure on this business process
  • Growing compliance needs makes enterprises modify their custom software several times, which results in a huge investment and they don’t have resources to meet the deadlines, while a SaaS model ensures the SaaS provider makes the changes on behalf of several tenants
  • This process is highly similar in nature across organizations and not very difficult to provide a common multi-tenant model for it
  • As these are highly mandated compliance needs, even the small players needed this business process although they may not have enough resources to produce an in-house system
  • This system typically has large storage and archival needs and hence a cloud-based storage system will be more adaptable
  • As a global process, this needs to be accessed from various parts of the worldand with appropriate localization needs
  • The interfaces to this process is standardized and different organizations need not reinvent the wheel with respect to operations like Bulk loading, queries, etc.

  • NEC India Pvt Ltd announced an alliance with Trimax IT Infrastructure & Services Limited (Trimax), an IT services and solutions provider, to explore opportunities in delivering “SaaS” services using an integrated application aggregation platform.
  • As a part of this association, NEC will be leveraging Trimax’s data center capabilities to provide business applications such as CRM, ERP, Human Resource Management, Inventory, Security etc to the enterprise customers.
  • This partnership will leverage NEC’s technological expertise and Trimax’s local market reach to offer SaaS applications to SMBs in India via an opex model, thus reducing their IT expenditure and total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Mr. Ken Sugata, General Manager at Global Carrier Cloud division, NEC Corporation commented, “Cloud computing has pavedan innovative way for enterprises to meet the ever changing business needs to deal with complex business environments.

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  • Even as cloud computing is emerging as a path-breaking paradigm, city-based start-up, Anoosmar Technologies, on Wednesday launched an advanced and innovative cloud-based backup solution ‘Vaultize’ at Mumbai-based INTEROP. INTEROP is a hub of business technology events across the world where cutting-edge information technology is demonstrated.
  • Vaultize ( is the first enterprise-class data protection solution designed from the ground-up specifically for cloud with high returns on investment.
  • It is built to ensure complete protection of files, emails and application databases on laptops, desktops and servers.
  • In addition to secure cloud-based backup and quick disaster recovery, Vaultize has advanced features like collaboration between users, synchronisation of devices and sharing over web-giving high returns on investment to SMEs and large enterprises. Two Pune-based techopreneurs, Anand Kekre and Ankur Panchbudbe have set up Anoosmar Technologies.
  • Both Kekre and Panchbudbe, who are graduates from IIT and share 69 US patents between them, have toiled hard for almost a year to come up with Vaultize.
  • Vaultize is based on software-as-a-service (SaaS) pay-as-you-use model. It is affordable, simple and easy on books. The pricing starts at just Rs750 per month where a business gets 10GB space in cloud (post de-duplication and compression),” said Kekre. Moreover the enterprise-grade protection from all types of disasters and its affordability make Vaultize popular amongst small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Vaultize has been designed with enterprise-class centralised administration, security, availability and robustness. Firms can use Vaultize public cloud (hosted on Rackspace) or choose to deploy it in public cloud of their choice. Enterprises will find it useful for backup of executive and mobile workforce laptops

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  •, an enterprise cloud computing company, has acquired Assistly, an instant customer-service help desk built for the cloud, for approximately $50m in cash. As part of the transaction, also assumed Assistly’s unvested options and will issue restricted stock units to certain Assistly shareholders.


  • said the acquisition of Assistly will help them in democratising enterprise applications in the cloud by putting them at the heart of the new trend of customer service help desk applications. Assistly allows small companies and emerging businesses set up and deliver social customer-service in less time, and enable companies to manage service cases and engage with customers in real time over a range of channels – including Facebook, Twitter, Web chats, e-mail and phone – all from one, easy-to-use interface.


  • executive vice president of applications Alex Dayon said they are excited that with Assistly’s innovative technology and business model, the Service Cloud will now enable even the smallest companies to become a social enterprise. Assistly CEO Alex Bard said as part of and the Service Cloud family, Assistly can continue to deliver and improve one of the world’s most-innovative customer-service applications.


  • With this acquisition, will now extend their support to many small and emerging businesses that have been waiting for a customer-service help desk application with instant sign up, zero-touch onboarding, and capabilities and pricing scaled to their needs.

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