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Warren Buffett said Monday that his company has spent $10.7 billion to buy more than 5 percent of IBM’s stock this year, a surprising move by the billionaire investor who has long shied away from investing in high technology companies.

Berkshire Hathaway also revealed several other new investments made during the turmoil of the third quarter. Besides the new IBM investment, Berkshire added much smaller stakes in Intel Corp., DirecTV, General Dynamics Corp. and CVS Caremark Corp.

Most of the details emerged from the quarterly update Berkshire filed with regulators on its $59 billion U.S. stock portfolio. Buffett disclosed some details in interviews earlier in the day.

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  • One of the biggest costs in a data centre is power cost. Power is needed to fire the servers and storage systems. And since these systems heat up, power is again required to cool the systems with air-conditioning.
  • In the dot-com era, data centres consumed 1 or 2 MW. Now it’s common to find facilities that require 20 MW, and already some of them expect to use ten times as much in the years to come. For countries, data centre power consumption is expected to put an enormous burden on their power grids.
  • Not surprisingly, an enormous amount of innovation, right from the semiconductor level, is today going into finding solutions to reduce power consumption in computing systems. IBM’s India Software Lab in Bangalore has just contributed towards that. It has developed a system to run data centres on solar power, and is making it commercially available, perhaps the first such commercial offering in the world.
  • Until now, no one has engineered solar power for efficient use in IT,” said Rod Adkins, senior VP of IBM’s systems and technology group, who was in Bangalore last week. “We’ve designed a solar solution to bring a new source of clean, reliable and efficient power to energy-intensive, industrial-scale electronics.
  • The first implementation is being done at the Bangalore lab itself. A solar power array has been installed, spread over more than 6,000 sft of the lab’s rooftop. Kota Murali, chief scientist at IBM India, says the installation is capable of providing a 50-kilowatt of electricity for up to 330 days a year, for an average of five hours a day. The advantage of solar power is that it is DC (direct current), unlike grid power that is AC (alternating current).
  • Processors run on DC, so when you use grid power, you need to convert AC to DC. In the process of that conversion, you lose about 13% of power. On the other hand, when you do a DC to DC conversion, the loss is only 4%. So you have a saving of close to 10%.

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  • IBM has announced a new cloud offering aimed at the government that mixes social networking and cloud computing: the IBM SmartCloud for Social Collaboration for Government.
  • IBM has announced new services converging social networking and cloud computing for the federal government.
  • At a recent FedTalks event in Washington, D.C., IBM introduced its new offering known as SmartCloud for Social Collaboration for Government. Initially previewed in July, this new offering is a cloud-based service that combines social collaboration tools and email to maximize productivity and interaction among workers and across agencies, and with citizens. IBM officials said the new solution is ideal for private cloud environments. It is hosted in the IBM Federal Data Center and is compliant with Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) guidelines, IBM said.
  • Sandy Carter, IBM’s vice president of Social Business and Collaboration Solutions, introduced the IBM SmartCloud for Social Collaboration for Government at the FedTalks event on Oct. 11.
  • The federal government spends $80 billion annually on IT. Government officials have been trying to reduce that amount so there is a federal mandate to move to cloud services where possible to reap cost savings. The U.S. Federal CIO’s office earlier this year reported that the average cost savings associated with a move towards cloud-based technology would be $3 billion. Government agencies also have a need to work more efficiently by more effectively sharing knowledge across and between their organizations. According to a recent IDC report, IBM offers the No. 1 market share enterprise social software, so the company is an ideal candidate to fill these collaboration needs, IBM officials said.
  • IBM offers a variety of cloud technology and services and as part of its 2015 roadmap, Big Blue has a goal to generate $7 billion in revenue from its cloud business

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2012 DC expansion plans


Dublin, Ireland: An energy-efficient, cloud computing data center on 11 acres of land with a $101 million investment. The natural cooling from Dublin’s climate saves energy by eliminating the need for chillers.

Asia – Singapore, Hong Kong &Taiwan: A $200 million investment in three data centers to support increased demand of services via smartphones and tablet computers, and expectations to be operational in 1 to 2 years.

Pryor, Oklahoma – Just opened a new $600 million, 130,000 square feet data center, and plans to open a second building for office space. Another energy-efficient project, the data center will be powered from a wind farm which will feed into the electrical transmission grid.



Dublin, Ireland: Microsoft expects to expand its 19-acre, $500 million data center in Dublin by more than a third – similar to Google, the data center uses natural cooling without any chillers.

West Des Moines, Iowa: $200 million facility originally started in 2008 but put on hold after the recession. The data center project started up again in 2010, and appears to be nearing completion.

Boydton , Virginia: An expansion investment of $150 million and a planned second data center facility. With the first phase of its project requiring $499 million, Microsoft is trying to stay competitive in the cloud computing market.



  • North Carolina: Scheduled for completion by September 2013, the second data center for this social network giant will measure 300,000 square feet, same as its first data center that hasn’t even opened yet. Facebook purchased 150 acres of land and invested $450 million in their first data center. The data center will be energy-efficient and deploy evaporative cooling instead of a chiller system.


  • Langfang, China: A cloud computing data center for Range Technology Development Co. Ltd. measured at 620,000 square meters and intended to serve business growth industries such as transportation, telecommunications, e-government and healthcare.  IBM’s data center business in China has reportedly tripled in the last four years.

  • Technology giant IBM launched a set of cloud computing tools designed to help business partners adopt cloud business models and generate new revenue streams by offering public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures, applications and services to their clients. The company is extending the IBM SmartCloud portfolio with two new public cloud services, SmartCloud Enterprise+ and SmartCloud Application Services.
  • SmartCloud Enterprise+ will provide infrastructure as a service, including enterprise-class governance, administration and management control, multiple security and isolation options built into the virtual infrastructure and network, and real business-centric service-level agreements (SLAs). Additionally, IBM intends to make SCE+ available to qualified IBM business partners for resell in the first half of 2012.
  • SmartCloud Application Services will enable enterprise applications as a cloud service using a set of secure tools, and interested ISVs can join the SmartCloud Application Service beta program.
  • IBM also announced enhancements to the existing IBM SmartCloud, including a white label option for business partners to launch branded services based on SmartCloud Enterprise.
  • In addition, IBM is launching SmartCloud Foundation, a family of private cloud solutions to help businesses design and deploy private cloud environments. The private cloud offerings will be specifically targeted to small to medium-size businesses (SMBs). SmartCloud Entry, delivered by IBM Starter Kit for Cloud, offers the building blocks to create private clouds on virtualized IBM System x and Power Systems hardware.

  • IBM today announced the launch of the IBM Institute for Advanced Security in Asia-Pacific including India, an expansion of its company-wide initiative to provide government entities, businesses and other key organisations with a forum to collaborate with a global network of security research, services, software and technology experts.
  • Issued today, The IBM X-Force 2011 Mid-Year Trend and Risk Report states that the top countries originating spam has shifted to Asia Pacific, with India sending out roughly 10 percent of all spam registered today and South Korea and Indonesia also making the top five list.
  • The IBM Institute for Advanced Security in the Asia-Pacific region is designed to help drive innovation in the next-generation of security models and solutions and securing cyberspace by:
  • Connecting organizations with IBM Security research efforts including the IBM X-Force team as well as broader IBM services, software and technology experts.
  • Providing resources including collaboration and technology insights through expert blogs, X-Force expertise, white papers, podcasts and online sessions that address rising security issues around cyber security, data analytics, cloud computing and mobile.
  • The Institute, headquartered in Gold Coast, Australia, alongside the IBM Australia Development Lab, will also provide a forum for organisations to understand how recent IBM Research advances. This includes the ability to analyse encrypted information without sacrificing confidentiality. A wider IBM security expertise can help them operate in more intelligent ways, while protecting the privacy and security of critical information. In addition, the Institute will address specific issues such as mobile device security, deep analytics and emergency response.

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  • International Business Machines Corp., the world’s largest computer-services provider, is offering a new software product that automates marketing and speeds up sales to entice businesses to use its servers.
  • If all of a company’s product and customer data is on IBM’s servers, IBM’s analytics can help it sell more efficiently to other businesses and consumers, the company said in a statement. For example, sales campaigns could be based on where products are geographically located and marketing campaigns could be automatically generated based on the tone of a customer’s Twitter post about a product.
  • The new product, which is the next step in IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative, is part of a push to make $7 billion by 2015 from cloud computing, which allows a company to store and access data from IBM’s servers, the company said. IBM, based in Armonk, New York, has made “heavy investments” in the area, including $2.5 billion in acquisitions and hundreds of millions of dollars in research, said Craig Hayman, who oversees Smarter Commerce as general manager of IBM Industry Solutions.

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