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Amazon Kindle Fire unboxing – YouTube.


  • At a regional Hewlett-Packard event held in Singapore on October 18th, the keynote speaker said that companies in the Asia Pacific are more enthusiastic about migrating to the cloud than their Western counterparts.
  • The region is more ready than other regions on the planet,” says Wolfgang Wittmer, interim senior VP and general manager, Enterprise Services, Storage & Networking in the Asia Pacific & Japan.
  • This observation is apparently backed up by a recently survey on CIOs and CTOs which found that 58 percent of Chinese businesses are planning to move to the cloud. In India, the figure is 56 percent. In contrast, 32 percent of CIOs and CTOs in Europe and 34 percent in the US plan to move to the cloud.
  • Signs of this demand can be seen in the number of data centers being built in the region.
  • In APJ, new data center built annually will double between 2010 and 2014. By 2012, China will be the second-largest data center market in the world,” says EJ Bodnar, HP’s worldwide marketing director for Technology Consulting Services. This region is leapfrogging the world.
  • Recently, Google has announced plans to build facilities in Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Already, cloud companies like Amazon Web Services and have already established data centers in Singapore.
  • Asia Pacific firms are also spending more on disaster recovery on the cloud, a sign of increasing reliance.

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  • E-commerce leader Amazon has enabled its AppStore for Android users in India, according to various media reports.


  • Amazon’s AppStore has over one lakh apps and is offering one paid app for free daily. Users will need to register for before downloading the app. Like Apple’s AppStore, users will also need to add their credit card information before accessing the app store. On the other hand, Google’s Android market, which comes loaded with all Android OS-based phones, does not require this information and only asks for it when you download a paid app. This could be a make or break for Amazon’s AppStore in India, where credit card usage is still low. By restricting access to free apps, we doubt Amazon will see much traction for its app store unless it offers a huge USP.


  • According to a report by mobile market intelligence firm Research2Guidance, Google’s Android Market crossed six billion downloads in August. It also states that as of the end of August 2011, the Android Market contained 277,252 apps and on average, weather apps generated the highest total revenue from paid downloads.

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