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OnLive, a company that provides console-quality games streamed over the internet, has announced the launch of its app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. The OnLive app allows portable device users to play console games that they normally would not have access to.

OnLive calls its service “cloud gaming,” and it offers access to nearly 200 console and PC games without having to install them locally. The company’s servers do all of the hard crunching and processing of the game remotely, and then stream it to users’ devices. This method allows relatively slow mobile devices to play high-end games that usually require much more computing power. Users have the ability to stream the games to their devices over Wi-Fi or 4G LTE cellular networks, though the service will obviously work much better with faster connections.

The company says that over 25 games in its library, including top-tier titles like L.A. Noire, have already been adapted to the touchscreen controls that smartphones and tablets require. The rest of the games can be played with the optional Universal OnLive Wireless Controller that connects to a device over Bluetooth and costs $49.99. The OnLive service has built-in syncing across multiple devices, so users can play a game on their tablet, and then pick up where they left off on their PC with the OnLive PC app.

The OnLive app is available for free in the Android Market now and is expected to hit the iTunes App Store in the near future. The Universal OnLive Wireless Controller is expected to be available in the U.S. and UK in the near future as well. Games can be rented or purchased for play on the service, and OnLive also has subscription options available.


  • New Delhi, (IANS) India’s telecom sector received foreign direct investment (FDI) of Rs.48,220 crore in the last 11 years – 8 percent of the total FDI the country received.
  • FDI received in telecom sector in India from April 2000 to March 2011 reached to Rs.48,220 crore which amounts 8 percent share in the total FDI of Rs.580,722 crore received in the country,” a telecom ministry document said Tuesday.
  • With 858 million wireless connections, the Indian telecom system has become the second largest wireless network in the world by surpassing the US and only behind China.
  • Over 46 percent of total wireless subscribers in India were capable of accessing wireless internet at the end of March 2011 as against 30.44 percent a year ago.
  • According to the telecom regulator, the broadband subscription reaches 12.50 million in July 2011 from 12.32 million in June 2011.
  • The telecom department targets to have 1,200 million connections by 2017 and around 320 megahertz of additional spectrum to be made available under the 12th Five Year Plan.
  • Earlier this month, the draft of the National Telecom Policy 2011 which will replace the existing policy was also unveiled.
  • The new policy is expected bring cheer to consumers with proposals such as removing roaming charges for subscribers within the country and exponentially increasing broadband availability and speed.

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