Strategic Planning Assumptions for IT and Telecom

Posted on: November 18, 2011

By YE12, more than 30% of interactive videos invoked for collaborative purposes will be satisfied through cloud computing.

By 2013, more than 25% of the content that workers see in a day will be dominated by pictures, video or audio.

A surplus of existing monitors, low prices for new monitors, and easy connectivity will enable more than 60% of knowledge workers to routinely use at least three displays as part of their primary PC work spaces by 2015.

Plan for less than 20% of employees being able to replace a laptop with a tablet through 2012.

By 2020, mobile and web AD will have evolved into multichannel application development.

By 2015, mobile Web technologies will have advanced sufficiently such that half of the applications that in 2011 would be written as native apps will be, instead, delivered as Web apps.

By 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide.

Fewer than 5% of handsets sold in 2014 will support LTE. 75% of tablets sold in mature markets in 2014 will have a screen size of approximately 10”

Android will remain the top smartphone platform in shipment terms through 2015.

Most CIOs should plan to support at least three mobile platforms by 2012.

By 2013, Microsoft will overtake RIM in smartphone shipments.

(Source: Gartner)


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