Brandjacked! Fake Google+ Page Insults Bank Of America

Posted on: November 16, 2011

brandjacked bank of america


Social media fail or fraud?

A Google+ page that appeared to be the online home of Bank of America has for the past seven days advertised the company’s “new” slogan: “We took your bailout money and your mortgage rates are going up.”

The page was a fraud, of course — but a fraud the giant bank has allowed to exist for the past week, since Google unveiled pages for businesses and products on its new social network. How such a thing could slip past the attention of the country’s second biggest bank by assets is anyone’s guess, said Chester Wisniewski, a senior security adviser for security firm Sophos Labs.

“An organization the size of Bank of America you would expect would be very protective of their brand,” Wisniewski told

“It’s just kind of common practice in most organizations to do that these days. I just find it amazing for this to go on for week and them not to notice,” he said.

The no-longer-available page was clearly a satire of the giant bank, possibly one created by the “Occupy” protesters or the hacker group Anonymous, Wisniewski suggested. And the mocking posts on the page are obviously not from the real bank.

via Brandjacked! Fake Google+ Page Insults Bank Of America | Fox News.

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