BlackBerry-maker to look at setting up regional data centres

Posted on: November 12, 2011

  • Research In Motion, the maker of BlackBerry devices, on Thursday said that it was open to look at the possibility of setting up regional data centres to avoid a repeat of the outage that affected more than 70 million subscribers across the world.
  • Speaking to Indian media via tele-conference, Mr Patrick Spence, Senior Vice-President and Managing Director, Global Sales & Regional Marketing, RIM, said, “Our immediate focus is on getting back the services to where we would like it to be. We will leave no stone unturned to make sure that this does not repeat. All options, including setting up network architecture with regional hubs, are on the table. If that makes sense, we will do it.” Indian authorities have been asking RIM to set up local servers for security monitoring purpose but so far the company has been unwilling to do so.
  • Globally, RIM has come under sever criticism for having a centralised architecture because of which a snag at its UK centre disrupted services across the world.
  • Although the RIM executive did not give any specific measures that the company will take to pacify angry customers, Mr Spence said that RIM will look at a number of issues including communications with customers, demands for compensation from operators and its architecture, once the services are fully back to normal. He said that although data were flowing normally, the company was monitoring the situation for one more day to make sure that the system was fully back on track.

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