RightScale: More than 3 million servers launched

Posted on: November 11, 2011

  • RightScale, which gives companies a good look into the innards of their cloud computing workloads, just surpassed the 3-million-server mark.


  • RightScale’s cloud management platform launched in 2007. It took more than two years (27 months) to get to the million-server milestone, one more year to reach two million, and then half that time to breach three million milestone, said Michael Crandell, CEO of the Santa Barbara, Calif.-based company.


  • Most of the workloads that RightScale manages run in the Amazon Web Services’ cloud, but RightScale’s automated management tools also work with RackSpace and other clouds. This provides customers with a single management view even if their workloads run in multiple clouds or multiple types of clouds. RightScale says it can manage a mix of private and public cloud infrastructure from that proverbial “one pane of glass.”


  • RightScale has also proven valuable managing hybrid cloud infrastructures, such as Zynga’s vaunted Z Cloud. Zynga uses RightScale to manage AWS-based public cloud resources and (now part of Citrix) private cloud infrastructure from a single interface using standard configurations.


  • RightScale competes with startups like enStratus, none of which can claim the scale of adoption represented by, say, three million servers. It also contends with built-from-scratch management systems.

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