RFID Technology and Data center Use Case

Posted on: November 11, 2011

The challenges that surround asset management in the corporate data center environment are significant. SOX regulations

require that a corporation be able to actively identify and locate high‐value assets and assets that contain information such as

customer data, human resource data, and financial transactions. Leveraging RFID technology to automate common business

processes relating to critical assets and media in data centers has many benefits. Improving visibility and tightening security

can be achieved by automating three key functions.


1. Inventory Audit

Management is required to maintain a complete accounting of all equipment. Inventory audits are done at least annually and

at great cost and effort. RFID has delivered significant benefits that include:


  • Conducting Inventory audits across multiple facilities with little or no infrastructure investment
  • Accurately cycle count inventory in days, not weeks or months
  • Instantly retrieving automated reports for management and compliance


With RFID tagged assets, customers are achieving 100% accuracy while eliminating 90% of audit costs, enabling instant

reconciliation and reduced asset shrinkage.

2. Asset Tracking

The ability to track each asset or media from the moment it is registered with the asset management system of the data

center is essential. Benefits include:


  • Tracking assets and media in real time as they are moved in and out of a data center
  • Reservation functionality to schedule specific assets for use or maintenance
  • Instant alerts upon unauthorized movement of assets

Leveraging RFID technology to automate common business processes relating to critical assets and media in the data center

has come of age and is delivering results.

3. Asset Security

With the growing incidence of identity theft, companies are becoming increasingly concerned over the security of the

information that is maintained in their data centers. RFID benefits include:


  • Detecting the removal of RFID tagged devices from the data‐center
  • Insuring only authorized personnel have access to secure areas
  • Providing alerts and alarms for any violation of security rules


Through the use of RFID, security can be greatly enhanced through the location and tracking of servers, media libraries and

personnel as well as the physical monitoring of a facility.


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