Pune firm launches cloud-based backup solution

Posted on: November 11, 2011

  • Even as cloud computing is emerging as a path-breaking paradigm, city-based start-up, Anoosmar Technologies, on Wednesday launched an advanced and innovative cloud-based backup solution ‘Vaultize’ at Mumbai-based INTEROP. INTEROP is a hub of business technology events across the world where cutting-edge information technology is demonstrated.
  • Vaultize ( is the first enterprise-class data protection solution designed from the ground-up specifically for cloud with high returns on investment.
  • It is built to ensure complete protection of files, emails and application databases on laptops, desktops and servers.
  • In addition to secure cloud-based backup and quick disaster recovery, Vaultize has advanced features like collaboration between users, synchronisation of devices and sharing over web-giving high returns on investment to SMEs and large enterprises. Two Pune-based techopreneurs, Anand Kekre and Ankur Panchbudbe have set up Anoosmar Technologies.
  • Both Kekre and Panchbudbe, who are graduates from IIT and share 69 US patents between them, have toiled hard for almost a year to come up with Vaultize.
  • Vaultize is based on software-as-a-service (SaaS) pay-as-you-use model. It is affordable, simple and easy on books. The pricing starts at just Rs750 per month where a business gets 10GB space in cloud (post de-duplication and compression),” said Kekre. Moreover the enterprise-grade protection from all types of disasters and its affordability make Vaultize popular amongst small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Vaultize has been designed with enterprise-class centralised administration, security, availability and robustness. Firms can use Vaultize public cloud (hosted on Rackspace) or choose to deploy it in public cloud of their choice. Enterprises will find it useful for backup of executive and mobile workforce laptops

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