LG wants intelligent signalling system to cover all city roads

Posted on: November 11, 2011

  • The city government had installed the intelligent signalling system on the Ambedkar Nagar BRT a few months ago, but it has not extended the system beyond the 5.8km stretch after that. On Wednesday, talk of extending the system to the rest of the city again came up with lieutenant governor Tejendra Khanna visiting the operations control center (OCC) at the DIMTS (Delhi integrated multi-modal transit system) headquarters.


  • Appreciating the benefits of the system, Khanna mused that installing the ISS and cameras at all the junctions would immensely help in managing traffic. The suggestion, however, seems unlikely to take off anytime soon.


  • The installation of ISS on BRT corridor has been a long-drawn project, with DIMTS taking more than a year to install the cameras and corresponding infrastructure on the stretch. Meanwhile, the traffic police have been trying to get the intelligent transport system (ITS) in place, though the tender process for award of the contract in limbo for several months now.


  • The intelligent signaling system is a part of the ITS. Both the agencies admit that ISS will go a long way in tackling the traffic situation in the city. However, nothing concrete has come through till date. ITS is an application where camera feeds as well as other real-time data is used to adjust to a traffic situation – especially helpful during peak hours. The cameras detect the intensity of traffic and feed data into computers. This allows for real time adjustments of traffic signals that are synchronized to help commuters catch green lights all through the stretch, leading to efficient traffic flow.

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