Implementation models for cloud based security

Posted on: November 11, 2011

  • Agent-based solutions – Organizations will be able to deploy an agent to their cloud instances that will provide various security services. Among the likely services for this category will be a host-based firewall, anti-virus, VPN, and log / file monitoring. These agents may also help check configurations and settings of the operating system and perhaps applications.


  • Gateway- based solutions – Another path that organizations may go down would be to place a “gateway VM” at the head of their individual cloud infrastructure. Likely an excellent path for those with more than just a few virtual instances, all traffic in this scenario would pass through the gateway security virtual instance. In this case, firewall, IDPS, WAF, and other services where traffic inspection is critical are good potential fits.


  • Appliance-based solutions – A variation on the gateway theme will be solutions where traffic is routed through a separate appliance that may not be within the virtual infrastructure. Traffic to and from a cloud customer’s virtual instances would be cleansed through the security appliance. The benefits of this approach would be for situations where increased processing power is required (e.g. SSL decryption) or where the cost of placing a gateway virtual instance is too high relative to an appliance. There also may be cases where a specific solution may not be available as a virtual instance, but could be available as a multi-tenant appliance.

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