How To Sell Cloud Computing, Even If It’s Not Your Core Competency

Posted on: November 11, 2011

So you’ve read the tea leaves and know you want a piece of the cloud computing segment. Your SMB customers are now starting to ask whether they should move certain business assets to the cloud, as their larger competitors have done already. The move toward the cloud is growing, with IDC projecting compound annual growth rate of more than 25 percent, so if you don’t provide what your customers are asking, then your competition will.


Action items:

  • Educate yourself on what the different cloud offerings are and the benefits they provide. Vendors can be very helpful in assisting with this educational process.
  • Determine how cloud services can complement your own offerings. By figuring out how what you already do can complement a cloud service, you’ve designed a new offering. Now, you’re bringing something to market, rather than reacting to it. You’re playing offense, not defense.
  • Consider partnering with an experienced provider. That will round out your company’s knowledge and understanding, as well as experienced customer service.
  • By wrapping cloud services around products with which you are already familiar, you’re creating a value-added package that is uniquely designed for your customers. You’re also bundling products; it’s the same concept as a fast food “value meal.” As Robert Fuller, vice president of worldwide channel sales at Rackspace, notes in his How-To article, change your mindset and think about cloud computing as a way to be proactive with customers, rather than just reactive. “In presenting a new offering,” writes Fuller, “you’re given the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your customers by acting as a trusted advisor – solving problems before your customers even know they have them.”

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